Dog Training Class

As a dog owner, one of the first questions you may ask is:

Does my new companion need training? Yes, and so do you!

Whether you are intentionally teaching him or not, your canine friend is always learning-and this is true not just for puppies but also for older, adult dogs. If you do not teach your pet your rules, he will invent his own.

Training allows caregivers to safely and humanely control their dog's behavior. Positive training enhances the bond between dog and owner, and helps ensure that your dog will respond happily to your instructions.


Group Classes:

In group classes, dogs learn to interact with other dogs and respond to their owners despite distractions. Owners learn by observing other people interacting with their dogs and benefit from the camaraderie.

- 10 Weeks of Group Classes - Twice a Week

Private Lessons:

We offer private lessons at your home. Private lessons are good for solving specific behavioral problems in the dog's environment. Private lessons also include group classes. This way you get the benefit of one on one instruction as well as the interaction of group classes.

- 8 Weeks of Private Lessons - Once a Week

- 10 Weeks of Group Classes - Twice a Week

In-Kennel Training:

In-kennel training at our facility is a valuable time-saver for the dog's owner. This includes follow-up private lessons at your home and group classes when your dog is returned to you.

- 3 Weeks of In-Kennel Training

- 5 Weeks of Private Lessons - Once a Week

- 10 Weeks of Group Classes - Twice a Week

Basic Obedience

  • Heel:

    Condition your dog to always walk right beside you. Not pull ahead, lag behind or lunge towards other dogs.

    Heel Command
  • Sit:

    Your dog learns to sit down instantly without hesitation or repetition of the command despite various distractions.

    Sit Command
  • Down:

    Teach your dog to consistently lay down and return back to a sitting position.

    Down Command
  • Stay:

    Prolonged Sit and Down Stay with all manner of distractions until given a release command by the handler.

    Stay Command
  • Come:

    Recall your dog from various distances to come promptly and urgently despite distractions.

    Come Command
  • Boundary:

    Establish an invisible boundary that must not be crossed. Perfect for preventing you dog from running out of front door or side gate.

    Boundary Training
  • Common problems we correct:

    - Leash Pulling

    - Chewing

    - Digging

    - Barking

    - Biting

    - Timidness

    - Dog/Human Aggression

Advance Obedience

Off-Leash Obedience:

Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and Come taken to the next level. You are taught to have full and absolute control over your dog without the need of a leash. Commands are issued by hand signals only thus training your dog to always pay attention. Long out-of-sight sit and down stays with every possible distraction we can think of.

Article Retrival:

We begin by simply teaching your dog to take and hold a plastic dumbbell which develops into picking it up from the ground and eventually to retrieving from a distance.


Tunnels, A-frames, Window Jumps and Teeter Totters are loved by our clients and their dogs. Agility Equipment is a great way to exercise your dog but it is also a great confidence builder as your pet learns to overcome it's fear by creatively solving a problem.

Scent Trailing

Dogs' sense of smell is greater than 10,000 times more acute compared to us humans. Why not take advantage of that?

Train your dog to find people and objects miles away. We begin with short, in-sight distances to build confidence and get the dog use to searching with its nose. This transitions into the dog being able to track the scent of a person couple of blocks out and eventually miles.

Scent Trailing is a great exercise for shy, introverted dogs that lack confidence when interacting with new and unfamiliar people. Your dog searches for the stranger using its nose and then approaches to receive praise and treats which results in a positive and social interaction.

Dog Scent Trailing